Sweet Dreams

I spent my Sunday on the couch where he left me.

Throughout my lazy day, tears filled my eyes from nothing more than thoughts of him and my thankfulness that he was back in my life.

I took a shower before bed remembering his from earlier that day.

As the water landed on my body, I wondered how it felt against his skin.

What it felt like to be him.

Was I emotional?

Maybe, but also in turned with myself and my feelings.

I don’t want to let him go.

Before I crawled in to bed, naked, to have his scent against my skin,

I noticed a pinkish blue and golden glow in the sky…

the same sky he was beneath.

Was that all we had in common?

Was it enough?

I lifted the sheet away and was flooded with him, with us and the love we shared from the night before.

Our scent mixing would comfort me throughout the night filling my soul with sweet dreams.

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