Blue the Bird On Flying and My Old Life – Becky Due

Blue the Bird On Flying is a children’s book… but it is also a book for adults. Blue the Bird was created from a dream I had many years ago during one of those times when either I wanted somebody to fly for me or somebody wanted me to fly for them.

In those days, my transportation was bus, cab or walk. I was living on the third floor in an old, rundown hotel right downtown. The hotel did have an elevator, but if my hands were full and I wanted to use it, I had to wait for the hotel staff to escort me; it was always faster to take the stairs. I had to share a communal shower. And even though I had a phone in my room, I was charged for all incoming and outgoing phone calls; I didn’t make or receive many calls. I lived across the railroad tracks from two unruly bars. I used to sit on my window sill with a pair of binocular I bought from a pawn shop and watch the bar people going in and coming out. Sometimes they woke me at two in the morning. I’d slip out of bed wearing my t-shirt and panties, sit in my usual place and watch. I’d imagine I was a crime stopper and paid close attention to the women. I didn’t want to see them hurt in any way.

Today, my life is very different, though I’m still watching out for women. I sometimes miss the way my life used to be. It was challenging, occasionally even frightening, but I found a way to fly for myself just like Blue the Bird.

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