Becky Due Book Reviews

I finished your book last week (cramming for finals) and I have to say… I’ve not read a book that had me crying like yours. I felt something personal throughout the entire book. Please keep doing what you are doing and making you voice heard for those who need encouragement like you give.
God bless…


Colorado author Becky Due is horrified by the word… we can’t say it, but it begins with “b” and rhymes with the second syllable of “sandwich.” You hear it on radio and TV and in popular music. Even the planet’s role model, Oprah has used it on the air. But most disturbing to Due is that women throw the word at each other. She started an online campaign last year to commit to not using the bad word. Sign up at


Your books are so good… I’m anxious to read your next.


In thirty words or less, “WOW” Everything about it, the colors, the cover, say read me. I have only had time to read in the car. Even though it makes me sick, I could not put the book down. Your book has changed my life. I was 48 before I was exposed to the concept that we women should be taking care of each other.

Your novel contains so much wisdom. I find myself wanting to underline passages to refer back to. Think I will do that the next time I read it.


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