Becky Due Reviews

You are still the talk of the school.


You have written a very, very good book (excellent, in fact). I had trouble putting it down and kept thinking about it when I wasn’t able to get back to it. It really flows well and you have brought forth lots of issues for women (and men). I do think it should be published by a company with a much larger market.


Your book is really powerful with so many messages for women and men. It takes a lot of courage and honesty to write a book like this, and Angie’s experiences and rage have been channeled into a story that can make a difference. It is very well done, and just as gripping as any best seller I’ve ever read. Congratulations!


The story about Angie and her struggles drew me in and held my attention. It seemed as though I felt and heard Becky telling her story and was amazed to learn that it did reveal some truth about her life.

There are women who make a difference in the lives of few people and there are those who make a difference in lives too numberous to count. The person that I chose to interview is one of those women. After reading Becky’s books and completing the interview, I was truly touched and blessed to have met such a wonderful person.


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