About Our Stop the B-Word Campaign:


Being Women Of Respect and Dignity

Because We’re Optimistic in Reversing the Damage


We’re on a campaign to encourage women to be mindful of the ‘B-Word’ and the impact it makes on all of us. We have high hopes that we can change the frequency by discouraging the use of this degrading word against women.

We are offering a sign-up sheet for anyone willing to do one or all five from this list:

*Personally make the decision to stop using the ‘B-Word’
*Invite your daughter to stop using the ‘B-Word’ and to sign the sheet (This could be a great mother/daughter bonding and communication tool, teaching the importance of being a young woman of dignity and respect)
*Make your home a ‘B-Word’ FREE environment
*Tell the men in your life (husband, sons, father, friends) to stop using the ‘B-Word’ around you
*Encourage your friends to stop using the ‘B-Word’ and to sign the sheet

Give yourself a hug if you have already done this, but please still sign up for support. By signing up, we will keep you updated on how we are doing with signatures and how many brave men have signed up… It was once said that if women lead, men will follow… Let’s see what we can do together.

Join in the Campaign to Stop the B-Word.


Becky Due

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