On My (Becky Due’s) Mind Today

I’m behind with work… So this morning, I told my husband, “I’m invisible all day today.” My way of saying, “I need time to myself.”

I have so many things I’m working on… my plate is full.

But I also have a husband (and “kids”) who needs me to play with them sometimes… so I do.

I’m so in love with my husband and my life.

We are getting ready to travel again, so yesterday we had to take our “kids” to the vet for health certificates.

My first baby, Buddy our cat, is 14. She has been howling a lot more at night and during the day.

Though Buddy is healthy, she is getting old. 

Buddy is going through obvious changes… I cry a few times a day… hiding it from my husband.

Buddy was with me before my husband was with me…

Buddy was just a kitten when I met Scott (who didn’t care much for cats) I told him that Buddy and I were a package deal; love me, love my cat. If he had told me to get rid of my cat… I would have gotten rid of him… and thought good riddance…

Thankfully, my husband is an animal lover, and doesn’t believe in ditching animals.

Over the years, Buddy has shifted her love from me to my husband, and she follows him around like she’s his dog.  I hear him talking to her in ways that make it obvious that he is crazy about her too.

I hope we have another five or more years with her… and we probably will.

But maybe this is just part of the process and maybe I will mourn a little here and there along the way to realizing that she will not be with me forever…

Today, I will be invisible to my husband, but not to Buddy.   : )

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