Returning Injury Review for Becky Due

4.0 out of 5 stars Walking on Eggshells, May 10, 2010
This review is from: Returning Injury (Paperback)

This book by Becky Due titled “Returning Injury” is about violence and fear. We tend to step back and look long and hard about how thankful we are if you haven’t experienced it aftr the book is over and the suspense and drama is gone. When you have been expose to something like this then we tend to read it with a different outlook. Yes, there is fear when you know that the person who you thought was locked away is walking around free and is able to pounce at any moment. Being able to forgive is part of the healing process and for that we need the forgiveness so we can move on. Rebecca thought in her mind she was able to move forward with another person and start a new life leaving the past behind her. Did she have to go as far as she did in the end? Read this story and decide for yourself it will have you turning the pages.

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