Touchable Love by Becky Due

4.0 out of 5 stars Touching, May 9, 2010
This review is from: Touchable Love, An Untraditional Love Story (Paperback)

Touchable Love is a beautiful and deep story of figuring out life and where we fit into it. This is unusual in a novel – but the author has managed to blend romance, self discovery, social issues of our time and self help into a wonderful storyline that has kept me interested and, more importantly, invested into the outcome.

From the beginning where we meet our main character who, let’s face it, is trying to destroy herself through a variety of self loathing actions, to the slow but sure progression of a friendship that goes way beyond the “let’s be friends” – the message in this story is clear – we get exactly what we need in life – and not always what we think we want.

Written with compassion, honesty and a little bit of humor, I found myself caring about each character, hoping that they would, in the end, find what it is they needed.

Growing is a never ending experience and, as this book, clearly shows, you never know when, where or who will be the messenger.

Wonderful, wonderful read.

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