Returning Injury… another great review

Returning Injury by Becky Due shows how far a woman, in this instance the protagonist, Rebecca is willing to go to be safe. Rebecca is a strong woman who has dealt with and to some extent is still dealing with her past. When Rebecca lived in Cheyenne, Roy Smythson could not get over her and he stalked her, went through her personal belongings, correspondence, as well as her garbage until one day he attacked her. Rebecca manages to get away and call for help. Rebecca now owns her own PR firm and her client Angela is an advocate for women and children, which opens up a wide avenue of topics. Due handles several intense issues in her book Returning Injury and handles the topics deftly and with strong women, especially Rebecca. This book may be a rather emotional read for anyone who has suffered abuse, thankfully I have never been in such a situation, however, I learned a lot from the book and hope others will as well. Returning Injury keeps the reader deeply engaged since it is not a light read and one that makes the reader take stock of their surroundings and their life. I personally believe women as well as men, could get something out of this book and firmly believe Returning Injury would make for an absolutely fantastic discussion group book, as there are so many deep issues to be discussed.

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