The Gentlemen’s Club, A Story for All Women – First 3 star review…

3.0 out of 5 stars Good and Bad, May 27, 2010
This review is from: The Gentlemen’s Club: A Story for All Women (Paperback)

I have mixed feelings about this book. While I thought the clarity and acknowledgment of women’s abuse was needed and well written, I was extremely upset by the bashing of religion chapter and the scene with the guns. This book brought up many serious, hard questions but didn’t offer a whole lot of answers. I was very grateful for the characters of the bus driver and Trayn as an example of “good” men and I wish there had been more characters like this towards the end of the book. I think the biggest problem I had with this book was the skewed perceptive. While I understand that the main character has this justified hatred of men, I was hoping for more of an epiphany when she looked around during the gun scene and couldn’t tell the difference between the men and women. While men can be evil and cruel, women are capable of the same evil – there were women Nazi’s in the German concentration camps that performed the same, perhaps worse atrocities against humanity as the men there. In the end, I think this book is worth the read, but it shouldn’t be read blindly. In other words, this book is a beginning – it asks many questions, but doesn’t provide the answers to all of them. Still, the characters are unique and real, my heart went out to them for the pain they suffered, and made me more aware of the suffering currently happening around me.

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