Great review for Touchable Love by Becky Due


I think this is the best book Becky Due wrote. While acknowledging that her other books touched on important questions and issues, this is the one that really spoke to me. My very favorite part was when Christy was cleaning her apartment and Ms. Due wrote, “She believed the clutter and chaos in her apartment represented the clutter and chaos in her life. The lack of care for her apartment matched the lack of care she had for herself.” The story is fairly simple, Christy, a troubled young woman, comes to help Paul, who is dying of Aids and wishes to document his journey with photography to visually warn others away from the lifestyle he has led. Christy falls in love with him and is devastated when he dies. But really, it isn’t Paul’s illness that the book focuses on – it’s Christy’s. She is carrying around many many issues from her past and this book is really about her working through those issues until she reaches a point where she is “healthy” emotionally and mentally. I’d say that any teen girl would enjoy this book because the issues Christy struggles with are issues that every woman struggles with at some point in their lives.

5.0 out of 5 stars From Sick to Healthy, May 31, 2010
This review is from: Touchable Love, An Untraditional Love Story (Paperback)

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