What they’re saying about Returning Injury

Here’s what our Pump Up Your Book reviewers have to say about Returning Injury: A Suspense Celebrating Women’s Strength

Shonda at The Knowlton Nest says:

“This book held me on the edge of my seat…I would recommend this book to women who need to know they can overcome danger in frightening situations…”

Allison at You Have How Many Kids? says:

“Overall, I think this is a good book that is very successful in portraying women in a strong, positive light…”

Vickie at Reading at the Beach says:

“This is a book every woman should read. It may be hard for some, but I think all women could benefit from it in one way or another. It will make you want to get out there and do something you always wanted to do, but didn’t because of self doubt. This is the first time I’ve read this author, but I hope to read more from her in the future…”

Shirley at A Mom After God’s Own Heart says:

“If you want a great suspense book that will keep you on the edge of your seat right up until the end of the book, then Returning Injury is the book for you! It is full of suspense, emotion, highs and lows!..”

Julie at A Broken Teepee says:

“…is a very suspenseful novel. It builds slowly and very realistically to a satisfying conclusion. Rebecca doesn’t want to feel she needs her husband to protect her. She wants to be able to be a strong, confident woman in spite of her past. Will she be able to do that? I’m not going to tell! But the book is a good read that keeps you looking over your shoulder.”

Kathleen at Blog O’ the Irish says:

This is a compassionate story about how a woman overcomes her fears from her abuser and learns to live her life without fear. I enjoyed this story and I think that all women should read this book. It is a combination of suspense, love, violence and self help…”

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