I Want to Read

It’s hard to find time to read

but when I do make the time, I love it.

I want to read about great women…

Women who struggle and come out on top.

I want to read important stories.

I want to read about the issues that matter to me,

and issues that matter to women.

I want to read about women who fight for other women.

I want to read what women write.

Sometimes I want to read about the reality for some women

even if my life is far removed.

I want to read Women’s Fiction, not chick lit.

I want to read  about women’s empowerment.

I want to read about Life Resolution

even if story is some what tragic.

I want to read and be proud of the woman I am.

I want to read.

For more about Author Becky Due please visit her at www.amazon.com/author/beckydue

2 thoughts on “I Want to Read

  1. some of the greatest influences out there have been the struggles of how people made it by starting off with nothing.

    What are some of your favorite book titles? Authors? documentaries? movies?

    What genre of books do you enjoy reading? Spirituality themes even? adventure?

    How does your life to date reflect on your desire for knowledge and experiences through books from others? What do you do in your own life that brings you closer to what you feel you want to do with your own life?

    Thanks. Hope you can share some light too!


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