Becky Due’s New Novel – Chapter One

Chapter 1 From my new novel… Enjoy!

Nicole was frantically getting ready for her Valentine’s party. Her condo was perfectly decorated with hearts and streamers in red, pink and white. Her living room was rearranged to accommodate all her friends, and her kitchen was set up with an area for drinks and an area for the snacks. She hoped all the guests would B.Y.O.B. because she didn’t have a lot of booze. She had plenty of beer and a few bottles of the hard stuff: vodka, tequila and gin.

Nicole finished applying her makeup and headed to the closet to get dressed. She hurried into the little black dress she had purchased for the special night, then stepped in front of the full length mirror. “Ugh.” Sucking in her tummy, she wondered why she always had to be the chubby one with a cute face. And she was cute. She had long natural blond hair, pretty blue eyes and nice skin, but she was overweight by twenty pounds, sometimes thirty pounds. She had been that way her whole life.

Nicole walked over to the bed and fluffed the pillows. She sprayed a little perfume across her comforter. She was looking forward to a romantic evening with her boyfriend, Tom, once the party was over. The setting in her bedroom was perfect for passion. She had bought red satin sheets and a small heart-shaped pillow for the bed. Champagne was hidden in the refrigerator and a sexy red negligee hung in her closet. Candles were everywhere, and a romantic CD of love songs would play in the background while they made love. Too much of their love making had just felt like sex, so her plan tonight was to slow things down and make love.

This Valentine’s night would be a romantic night to remember. Nicole’s fantasy was that Tom would propose to her on a Valentine’s Day, and they would marry on a Valentine’s Day, and it would be all because of this night she had made special, the night he realized how much he loved her.

“Hello, Nicole! The place looks great!”

Nicole rushed out of her bedroom and greeted Roxanne with a hug. “You look beautiful.”

Roxanne was petite with brown hair and beautiful brown eyes, though she often hid her eyes behind long bangs. She was little in so many ways, even her personality which was not the most memorable. But the one thing about Roxanne her friends liked was that she was always on your side, the side of the woman. If Nicole needed a pity party, she called Roxanne. Roxanne believed in love more than anything and she was patiently waiting for Mr. Right to knock on her door.

“I can’t wait to meet Tom.”

Nicole grabbed her by the hand. “You have to see this.” She led her into her bedroom.

“Oh, my goodness, this is beautiful.” Roxanne started to cry. “I’m so happy for you. I wish I could find a good man.”

“Oh, you’re next; I can feel it.” They hugged, and then heard Renee come in. “We’re in the bedroom.”

“Where do you want me to put this stuff?” Renee yelled.

Nicole and Roxanne headed to the kitchen to help her unload her booze and snacks.

Renee was tall, thin and stunning, with a dark complexion and hair that changed color and style every week. Renee’s career was in what she called hair artistry or hair design. She was certainly not something so ordinary as a beautician or hair stylist—she was an artist. Renee was famous in the city, and she did only the richest and most famous people’s hair. She was in the midst of parlaying her incredible career into marketing a new product line and fragrance that would move her career beyond just the local scene. Renee was happily married to a mechanic, whose business expanded once he became the mechanic to all of Renee’s clients. Renee and Jason were money smart and incredibly in love.

Nicole had once read in Cosmo that the best female lovers were hair stylists and the best male lovers were mechanics. When she saw Renee and Jason together, that’s what she always thought of. What luck to find each other.

“Oh, Nicole, you did a great job decorating. It’s perfect.”

“Thanks. Where’s Jason?”

“Oh, you know him; he’ll stop by later for a bit. I’m sure he won’t stay long, just long enough to check on me and tell me to stay out of trouble.”

“But it’s Valentine’s Day.”

“Yeah. He’s not into it.”

Both Nicole and Roxanne looked at her with a sad look on their faces.

“Knock it off you guys. I’d rather be with you anyway.” She gave Nicole a nudge. “Besides, you wait until you get married, you’ll figure it out. That kind of thing isn’t important. In my opinion, I have Valentine’s Day everyday because I have a man who adores me.”

Nicole and Roxanne’s look changed from sadness to envy.

“Well, I found my special love. I can’t wait for you guys to meet him. You’ll love him.”

The doorbell rang and the party began.

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