I’ve come a long way…

I’ve been cleaning out old files, folders and drawers in my office.

Oh, the time and energy I put into this writing thing.

I practacly begged everybody to read my work and nobody was off limits.

The funny thing is… I was so poor back then, I was damn proud of my dinosour computer and dot matrix printer.

I remember night after night, printing endless pages of my latest manuscript–I’ll never forget that sound. 

I feel sorry for the people who actually took the time to read my work, especially when I was running low on ribbon.

I have letter after letter from people who wanted to help me, people who gave me encouragement to continue on.

I’m grateful.

I was lucky enough to have a friend who let me come over every night after work to type up query letters on his computer. He let me use his printer.

Not only do I have letters of encouragement, I have more letters of rejection. Lots of them.

I guess I’m not easily discouraged. In fact, with each letter of rejection, I felt closer to my goal. To actually recieve a letter from an agent or publisher… Wow! What a great feeling!

Somebody who worked there, touched this letter to me. Even if it was a generic rejection, it didn’t matter.

I was lucky enough to have eight agents show interest and that was enough for me to continue on.

These days, I’m doing it on my own and having a blast learning and growing as an author.

I wouldn’t change a thing.

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