To Women – Becky Due

I get jealous and insecure just like the rest of us, but it’s the women in this world who inspire me. We are courageous and outrageous, and it is no wonder that sometimes people want to beat us down and try to take our power. And sometimes we do it to ourselves; I’m guilty of it. What I am now learning is that we need each other – we need our girlfriends and women mentors, because sometimes they are the only ones who will pick us up, brush us off, and inspire us to carry on. I have educated myself my whole life, informally in the school of life and formally in college where I studied journalism, media and women’s studies. I have been a victim, and I have helped victims through volunteer work with Victim Services, answering the 24-hour sexual assault crisis line, and as a guest speaker to help empower women. What I know for sure is that women are strong – physically and emotionally. Why do we find a way to forget this fact?

To all the women in this world, we are awesome!

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