About Returning Injury

“Five Things You Need to Know About Returning Injury”

  1. Returning Injury tells the story of what if feels like to have a stalker. I’ve known victims of stalking, so I know the torment and fear that stalking instills. The national statistics are frightening but nothing compares to how horrifying stalking is to the victims. Nobody is safe from stalking, even celebrities such as Ivanka Trump, Kim Kardashian, David Letterman and ESPN sports reporter Erin Andrews have been victims.


  1. Returning Injury is a suspense novel. While Rebecca is home alone, with her stalker, Roy, on the loose, she is dealing with several issues at once, and throughout the novel you never know which issue is going to break her down, when it will happen or how it will play out. Is Rebecca strong enough?


  1. Returning Injury is a wonderful love story that closely resembles the reality, mystery and gravity of healthy loving relationships. I’ve had my share of crazy, unhealthy relationships, so I had a lot of fun writing about the love story between Rebecca and Jack, which is similar to the relationship I have with my husband. So often, women are taught to look for a rescuer in a husband, which I believe takes away our power as strong, independent women.


  1. Returning Injury is an empowering novel for women. Women have been inspired to make changes in their lives after reading Returning Injury. I hear comments like, “I don’t know what it is, I can’t put my finger on it, but I’m going back to school (or I’m going for my dream of becoming a speaker, or I’m changing my lifestyle) because of Returning Injury.” Returning Injury reminds us of our own power and helps us fall back into love with our lives.


  1. Returning Injury is about overcoming the hard times and figuring out how to deal with unpredictable situations that impose on our lives. Returning Injury is about finding our truth and living by that truth.

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