Touchable Love Review

5.0 out of 5 stars A Dance of Love
This review is from: Touchable Love, An Untraditional Love Story (Paperback)

Touchable Love, An Untraditional Love Story is another wonderful book by Becky Due. This is the story of Christy a beautiful girl who sees no beauty in herself or her life. Fleeing a life filled with meaningless sex, no true friends, and self-destruction, she takes a job as a photographer. Her subject is a man, Paul, who is dying of AIDS. He wants to document his life as a way to warn other people about dangerous behavior and to atone for his fear that he gave his dead lover AIDS.

Christy and Paul grow to be loving friends, each showing the value that they find in each other. Christy also meets and begins to care for Brian, the nurse assigned to take care of Paul. As these two men show Christy how they value her, she learns to value herself. After Paul’s death Christy starts a new life as she reaches out to find meaningful relationships with others and with herself.

Touchable Love is a journey to self-discovery and self-love that can be a guide and inspiration for all women.

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