Suspense and Mystery–Returning Injury–a novel by Becky Due

Suspense and Mystery

Becky Due’s novel, Returning Injury, has a purpose, to encourage and empower wounded women. The story is interesting. Rebecca’s husband is leaving town, and she plans a long weekend catching up on a PR campaign for her new client–a woman who likewise has a purpose, to encourage and empower women. The client’s experience and research are well-presented, interspersed with frequent flashbacks and back story. And a tension grows in the empty house as those flashbacks, brought to mind by Angie and Leslie’s carefully elucidated work, remind Becky of her own past fear.

The novel is advertised as “a suspense celebrating women’s strength,” and the strength of these various women to overcome hardship is certainly celebrated. The story was sometimes slowed by explanation, exhortation, advice and backtracking, but it led inexorably to a scary and triumphant conclusion, full of second thoughts and first hopes. The advice included in the story is as wise and empowering as might be expected from the novel’s purpose, and while the book may be a fairly quick read, it’s certainly not a light one. It illuminates a problem that’s all too often kept hidden, and offers a wealth of practical suggestions and hopeful applications, in the context of an interesting fictional tale.

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