Touchable Love by Becky Due

Touchable Love: An Untraditional Love Story

Becky Due

ISBN 9780974621227

Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views

Christy has been living life in the fast lane. Her relationships consist of frequent one-night stands with no attachments. Married or not, it just doesn’t matter. She also has had a history of bulimia, and self-mutilation. She doesn’t seem to know who she really is, or have any sense of self-worth. Terrified of real love and not feeling that she deserves it, she does everything that she can to avoid it. When circumstances take her into the lives of two men, her love for them starts teaching her about having love for herself. Christy has taken on the job of photographing Paul, a man who is dying of AIDS. Paul wants to publish a book to show the world what it is like to die from this disease. He lives with the guilt of knowing that he gave this dreaded disease to his lover who died from it. Christy finds herself falling in love with Paul in a platonic way. His nearing death frightens her because she can’t picture not having him in her life. Never having had friends, he is one of the first in her life. Brian, Paul’s nurse is also someone that has become dear to Christy. Christy has to realize that she is worthy of Brian’s love and make a decision about having a real relationship with him.

“Touchable Love” is a wonderful story about a woman learning to love and value her self. The two men who enter her life help start her on her journey because they make her feel like she is worth it. The life experiences that Christy shares with us are heart wrenching. But she also shows us the value of finding true friendship and how healing it can be to one’s soul.

I highly recommend this novel to women who need to learn to love and value themselves. It will show them how to take steps in the right direction so that they can learn how to heal. It would also be an excellent choice for a women’s reader group because I think that it will definitely stimulate some fascinating discussions, especially by women who have escaped this cycle and can share what helped them. “Touchable Love” by Becky Due is really an interesting must-read for all.

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