To Smile or Not to Smile

To Smile or Not to Smile…

I was at a basketball game with my husband the other night–I’m not a huge sports fan, but I do enjoy spending time with my husband and basketball once in a while.

One of the regular guys in our seating area said, “You look under the weather, are you okay?”

First of all, not a very nice thing to say… I thought I looked all right. I felt fine.

Next he said, “You’re usually smiling all the time.”

Okay, now he’s lying. I’m not a huge smiler. I don’t smile all the time and not smiling all the time makes me happy. I like watching people, sitting next to my husband, and enjoying my cotton candy– but will I smile through it all? Not a chance!

If he thought there was something wrong with me, I wish he would have said something like, “I like your sweater.”

Maybe then I would have smiled.

3 thoughts on “To Smile or Not to Smile

  1. In America, we don’t do well with unhappiness. We are used to everything resolving itself in an hour, a crime being solved, people overcoming some sort of adversity, etc. All the while hiding our loneliness, or those sick or infirmed away in institutions instead of making space for them in our homes and communities. We are uncomfortable when we ask someone how they are and the response isn’t, ‘Fine,’ but some struggle they are going through. Struggle is a reality of life…for ALL of us. Let’s learn how to be more authentic friends so that when someone isn’t smiling, we’ll understand it to be a part of being human and respect the humanity of one another. Remember being told to, ‘Play nice?’


  2. Well this is the way I think about what other’s say. I don’t care. LOL! If I worried about what other people say to me, I would never get any peace.


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