Who Are You Really?

Who Are You Really?

On one of my husband’s trips out of town, I was left alone… Thinking… Very dangerous!

I discovered that I’m tired of many things he loves–sports in particular. I don’t like sports. Although, I can appreciate the talent and teamwork involved, watching sports seems like a waste of time… So repetitive and the outcome is always the same–somebody wins and somebody loses.

I also reminded myself that as much as I love spending time with my husband, I need female power and strength around me. I need my time with my girlfriends and sisters, even if it’s just by phone. A phone call to a friend is the fastest way out of a funk!

As a writer, I’m well aware that I’m quirky and somewhat of a loner. I enjoy my time to myself–I enjoy going out by myself. This whole week, I’ll be attending the Miami Book Fair alone and I’m very happy about it. However, it is clear when I’m there, I am not alone–there is a lot of female energy!

I love these people who read!

I love all these people who are in my business!

I belong in the book environment!

I belong with book people!

So, although a sporting event with screaming fans, who want to swear at the refs, is not my favorite place in the world, finding the balance of staying true to myself and sitting next to my husband is. At the last Miami Heat basketball game I was listening in on a conference call (muted) as he cheered for his team. And while he sits on the couch watching football, I sit next to him with my computer and earphones, working on my next book or checking out the next book expo—mixing his world with mine and loving every minute of it!


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