One Woman’s Search for Love: The Dumpster by Becky Due

4.0 out of 5 stars The unsung female lead gets a voice…, December 6, 2010
This review is from: The Dumpster: One Woman’s Search for Love (Perfect Paperback)

“The Dumpster: One Woman’s Search for Love” by Becky Due gives life to the often unsung female lead that is all too often cast as the “best friend”. Nicole isn’t perfect but in reality (or fiction) who is? She knows what she has going for her and what may be able to change one day but she doesn’t let it define her…she makes her own definition. Preparing for a valentine’s Day not to be forgotten, it quickly becomes one she’d rather forget. Will this be the end of her romantic aspirations? I don’t THINK so…but what happens next is certainly an eye opening experience to say the least.

Nicole is a sweetheart; you can’t help but find aspects of yourself or your close friends in her. As for the story itself…it’s sweet, it’s sassy and it’s a great way to see just what happens when you kiss enough frogs…sometimes you get a prince. Recommended read for older teens (at the youngest) through adult as the content can get a touch dicey but nothing to overtly concern oneself over.

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