An Unusual But Cool Love Story!

This review is from: The Dumpster: One Woman’s Search for Love (Kindle Edition)

Wow. This was an unusual but good book. I will admit, though, that it isn’t one that I would just pick up in the store had that been the place that I had seen it. The description isn’t one that I would normally find appealing to read. But, sitting down and opening up this fast, easy read, I was rather surprised at how I flew through the pages and was at the end before I knew it!

Becky Due is a woman with talent. She creates funny, characters who have LOTS of flaws, and adds them to a story line that is quite different from most stories out there. She really hits it home with the point of view of what a lot of women go through in today’s day and age. That’s good talent!

Nicole’s story is one that hits home with me….not because she is addicted to sex, alcohol, and well….men…..but because she feels self conscious about her chubbiness. I am that way too, so reading Nicole’s story about finding love was interesting to read. She doesn’t find her self attractive, even after the doctor (and about 3 more people from her Doc’s office, find her cervix beautiful!), and even after the encouragement from her 4 best friends. But why the title “The Dumpster”??? Well, simply put, there is a dumpster below Nicole’s bedroom window. She goes through many little flings from guys she meets in the dumpster…..but will it all lead to THE ONE?

My advice to you is this: go ahead and grab a copy. Becky Due’s easy read will have you laughing and asking all kinds of silly questions, as you read through Nicole’s story. I give this novel recommendation along with 4 stars for an author’s obvious talent for knowing what women want, even in the craziest of a dumpster.

4.0 out of 5 stars An Unusual But Cool Love Story!, February 14, 2011

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3 thoughts on “An Unusual But Cool Love Story!

  1. I had already read “The Dumpster” by Becky Due and I watched her on The Balancing Act. Becky is such a talented writer and I thought she was articulate and enjoyable to watch, she is very talented and it shows in her books. I see myself in Nicole and have had many of the same situations she has had that I found myself laughing remebering my young dating years. I”m anxious to see what Becky will write about next. I recommend reading all her books as the are truely enlighting and inspirational


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