3 Winners for the Kindle March 1st!

3 Winners for the Kindle March 1st!

You still have time… My novels are quick reads!

Free ($139) Kindle from Becky Due…

I feel like buying somebody a Kindle. I am crazy in love with my digital book reader so I want to spread the love. So this is the deal…

1. Get one of my novels (The Dumpster, Returning Injury, Touchable Love, The Gentlemen’s Club) and read it. http://www.beckydue.com

2. Post your review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and your Facebook or Blog page by February 28, 2011 (That’s one review–posted three times) 

3. Contact me with a note that you have posted your review (3 times) by February 28, 2011

*Must contact me through my website http://www.beckydue.com, click on Contact Becky Due on the left sidebar. Your note to me must include the name you put on the review, the date of the review and links so I can read the posted review.

My favorite review wins a (the newer, $139) Kindle… Make that my 3 favorite reviews win!

That’s right… I’ll give away 3 Kindles!

Enjoy my novels and I hope you win!

Becky Due


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