When I’m Away From My Husband

When I’m Away From My Husband…

Sometimes we’re apart for a few days and sometimes for a few weeks.

But we still find a way to make time for each other.

Sometimes we watch TV “together” and sometimes we take a bath “together.”

If we go to a movie “together” after the movie, we quickly get on the phone and talk about how much popcorn we ate and our favorite parts of the movie.

Sometimes we’re too busy for the “date night” but we are never too busy for our morning and evening calls.

If he calls me in the middle of the day, I get nervous that something is wrong and he senses it in my voice. “Can’t a husband call his wife during the day to tell her he loves her?”

“Yes, that’s nice. Of course you can; it’s just that you never do.”

“Well, I have a problem…”


We know each other well. And I am so lucky and thankful that I allowed myself to love.

I couldn’t have wished for more in a life partner, best friend and love of my life.


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