5 Star Review from A Page Turner 4 U

Nicole is an overweight young woman who is looking for love in all the wrong places. It appears any man who pays her the slightest bit of attention she thinks she has to sleep with him and that it means they have pledged there undying love for each other. Sadly she quickly learns this is so not the case after getting her heart broken a dozen times.

While her friends are planning weddings and babies and seemingly living wonderful lives she is alone and miserable wondering if Mr. Right will ever come along when she finds that love could have been within her reach for a long time had she taken the time and patience to open her eyes and grab it.

This was a light and funny read that I very much could relate to being overweight all my life and having had all the insecurities that go along with that especially in the department of LOVE.Becky has provided a hilarious book on some pretty embarrasing female situations that I am sure will have you rolling and laughing out loud from beginning to end just like I was!

follow link  http:/apageturner4ublogspot.com/2011/02/review-dumpster-by-becky-due.html?show Comment=130028970617#c1473702395982340794

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