For the Broken Hearted

For the Broken Hearted

I just finished reading this book yesterday and I must say that this book is not a regular romance novel that you find at the library. The plot and actions in the story are realistic and I can easily relate to it (other than the sex and all the booze.) Women just want to find real love, true love that will hopefully last forever and that’s what Nicole (main character) is looking for. This book follows Nicole as she tries to make right choices to find a man but in the beginning she fails to identify it. I honestly think that every women can relate to it and you guys should read it if you want something different and new. Normally, I don’t like fiction romance books but this one is just hilarious (I chuckled a lot while reading this.) For any women looking for a laugh and something to relate to, read “The Dumpster.” Thumbs up to Becky Due!

5.0 out of 5 stars Pretty Funny and Realistic (for the Broken Hearted),April 28, 2011 

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