Making Health and Fitness Easy

Making Health and Fitness Easy


Vision Statement

You will succeed in losing weight

You will feel better and have more energy

Your health will improve

Making Your Diet Easy

See food as fuel for your body—the healthier the food, the better you’ll feel

Avoid dieting– instead make healthy choices and eat in moderation

Stop eating 2 hours before you go to bed

What are your obstacles with eating?

-Eating for comfort

-Eating to be social

-Eating because you’re bored




Making Exercise Easy

See exercise as a gift to yourself, and look forward to exercising everyday

Know you have many fun choices when it comes to exercise

Chose the same time and the right time to exercise, be consistent and succeed

-If you like watching the news every morning at 8AM then walk on the treadmill to the news everyday at 8AM

-If you get a second wind around 6PM every night, then use that to your advantage and exercise at 6PM every night

Set aside 30 minutes to workout—don’t waste 30 minutes on the couch

Wear the right shoes and comfortable clothing

What are your biggest obstacles with exercise?

-You don’t have the energy

-You don’t have the time

-You don’t want to


List the different exercises you enjoy—don’t let exercise get boring



-Aerobics with Video



-Clean the house to music




Making Self-Care Easy

If you don’t take care of yourself, you’re letting everybody down who loves you

Fill your cup first and give whatever you have left to give

If you need help, get help, whether it is going to the doctor or needing a break

Don’t neglecting yourself

How Did you Get Here?

Who cares? This is where your life is right now—if you don’t like it, change it

Take an active role in your health–do some research if you need to

No more excuses! It’s time to take responsibility for your health

Don’t look back, look ahead to your happy, healthy future

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