Valentine’s Day: Ro man ce… alone

I was sitting in class on Thursday night and a woman behind me said only losers are dateless on Valentine’s Day. I turned and said, “I don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day.” I wasn’t bitter. I was prepared and looking forward to my dateless night.

“Oh, I was just kidding, Valentine’s Day is overrated,” she said.

My romantic night alone began with a hot bubble bath accompanied by chocolate, non-alcoholic champagne, music and a candle. After my bath, I stood in front of my closet trying to decide what to wear. I had to convince myself to dress up for myself. I wore a black skirt, a cute red top, with a black sweater over it and my favorite black high heels. I looked good and felt good, too. I walked to my car excited for my night out.

I had made reservations late so I ended up sitting at the bar. There were two couples at one end of the bar; I chose to sit at the other end. I was nervous. It may have been my imagination, but it seemed the other couples pitied me.

The bartender asked, “Are you waiting for your Valentine?”

“No. just me,” I answered and ordered my iced tea. I looked over the menu; the special was a filet with crab on top with fresh asparagus and hollandaise sauce, perfect.

As I sat waiting, I studied the bar. I was having my Valentine’s diner with many bottles of liquor. If the mirror behind them had been more exposed to me, I might have had the illusion of eating with someone, even if it was me.

I ordered the chocolate cake for dessert and when the bartender placed it in front of me, he said, “Happy Valentine’s Day. Dessert’s on me.” Clearly, he felt sorry for me.

After dinner, I went to a romantic comedy movie then home to bed. Before I fell asleep, I thought about my Valentine’s Night alone and realized that it wasn’t that bad, in fact it was kind of nice. I didn’t have to consider anybody’s feelings but my own. I chose where I ate, were I sat, the movie I wanted to watch and what time I wanted to go home and to bed.

I thought about what I wanted in a relationship. I wondered if I would be a perfect fit for somebody some day. I wondered if I’d have a date for my next Valentine’s Night. Alone or not, I didn’t think Valentine’s Day was overrated, I thought it was underrated. I loved the romance and appreciated that special day of the year for all lovers, even if I was going it alone.

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