Love, Romance and Relationships: Talking About Old Boyfriends


This has got to stop. We (meaning all your family and friends) are sick and tired of hearing about each and every failed relationship you’ve ever had. We (meaning all your family and friends) have heard all the stories about your old boyfriends, all the good times you used to have with them, all the times you’ve been hurt by them and all the memories you’ve shared with them. If you have nothing more to talk about than old flings, you need to get a life!

How can a dinner out with a friend include a story or memory about every man you’ve ever dated? How? A little man-talk is fine once in a while, but it should be an appetizer or desert, maybe even a drink, not the entire meal.

If you are one of these people, you’re pathetic and boring and we feel sorry for you because you’ve made your entire life revolve around men. YOUR ENTIRE LIFE… MEN! Are you kidding me?

Come on, isn’t there so much more to your life than your history with men?


Have Fun,

Renee (from The Dumpster: One Woman’s Search for Love)

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The Dumpster

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