Working Out

Physical benefits – internally

Exercise strengthens our bones, muscles and heart

Exercise lowers blood pressure, the bad cholesterol, and our chances of having a stroke

Exercise increases our good cholesterol, and our brainpower

Exercise keeps our body moving and working the way it is supposed to work.

Exercise decreases our chances of getting certain types of cancer

Beauty benefits – externally

Exercise makes our body, skin, and every aspect of the way we carry ourselves look better

Exercise makes us feel younger, sexier and refreshed

Exercise makes our clothes fit better

Exercise makes us sleep better

Exercise raises our metabolism, which helps burn fat even when we are not exercising; therefore, exercise makes us lose weight

Emotional benefits

Exercise gives us wonderful endorphins that make us feel better

Exercise gives us energy and confidence

Exercise makes us feel stronger, safer and more capable of doing everything we want to do in our lives.

Exercise stimulates our brainpower and our sexuality

Exercise can keep us from mental health problems, depression and symptoms of depression

Stress benefits –

Under stress, we often have the fight of flight response and produce extra adrenaline during those times. So today the best thing for us when we are hurting, threatened or stressed is to get physical in some way.

Exercise clears our minds and helps us get better sleep

People who are active and exercise live longer healthier lives

    Motivation –  

Use photos of ourselves when we liked the way we looked or felt

Use photos of others who inspire us

Use an unattractive photo of ourselves to face our truth

Reward ourselves either everyday or once a week

Get a partner or a friend to check in with or workout together

Buy magazines for tips, pointers and inspiration

We need to do our best, we should NEVER beat ourselves up, and if we skip a day, we need to get right back on track the next day

    How to get started –

Don’t over think or over plan, just start today – go for a walk

Exercising the same time everyday can help us stay on track

Set and keep boundaries—make exercise a priority

    How to stay motivated –

They say “21 days to a habit” Try to make exercise a habit

Get some fun, uplifting music or listen to a book on audio (I have five novels on audio you can download today :-))

Show our friends and family that we’re valuable and deserve time to do good things for ourselves—set an example

    Become stronger… Just do it!

We have to stop talking about how we want to lose 5 pounds, eat healthier or start working out… we need to stop talking and start doing.

The truth is if we really wanted it, we would have it! It is that simple!


Be healthy about exercise. Check with a doctor, get the right shoes, stretch, and learn what is best for us. For example, if we have bad joints, we should swim.

Do not over do it and it is ok if we skip a day. If we only go 15 minutes, that is OK! Make it fun; enjoy exercise.

Shoot for 20-60 minutes at a time and 3-5 days a week. Don’t we waste more time than that doing things that are not healthy for us?

Anything that gets your muscles working, lungs expanding, blood racing, heart beating… is exercise. Dance, clean the house quickly, jog in place while watching TV, walk quickly around the mall…

Get your life back, feel good about yourself—you can do this! 🙂


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One thought on “Exercise

  1. Hi Becky,
    I like this post, and I agree with all of it. I just started exercising recently, and I find that I am so much more refreshed and awake afterwards, especially if I’m listening to music– which is a must!
    My blog: morgankatz505.blogspot.com


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