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The Gentlemen’s Club: A Story for All Women… Starring ANGIE!

Angie is a daughter, sister, friend—and she is homeless. She was a victim of childhood sexual abuse, domestic abuse and self-abuse. Trying to get out of the violence and abuse cycle, she taps into her anger and fights back. You will love Angie’s courage and you’ll find courage in your own life.

Touchable Love: An Untraditional Love Story… Starring CHRISTY!

Christy is lost in her reckless life, trying to find direction and fearing everything in her future. As a nude model for an art class, she gets the opportunity to work with a famous photographer forcing her biggest fears to be front and center. Can Christy face her own truth and allow real love in her life?

The Dumpster: One Women’s Search for Love… Starring NICOLE!

Nicole is a banker, daughter, best friend and… a lover! She is slightly overweight and struggles with her parents, self-esteem, and her search for real love. Silly, fun and full of life, you will want Nicole and her friends to be your friends!

Returning Injury: A Suspense Celebrating Women’s Strength… Starring REBECCA!

Rebecca works in PR and is an advocate for women. She is a wife, a daughter and a victim of stalking. Fear, insecurity and searching for her own strength consume Rebecca while her husband is out of town. In this controversial ending, Rebecca finds the power she needs to face her stalker.

Traveling for Love: Searching for Self, Hoping for Love… Starring AMANDA!

Amanda is going through a divorce in her 40s. She had put her life aside to be a “good wife,” but now she has the opportunity to discover who she is and what she truly wants. She struggles with career, family, friends and especially men in her search to find, first, herself and then real love.

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