Why I Wrote Secrets of a Thin Woman


I wrote this short booklet, Secrets of a Thin Woman, because when we make something too difficult, it becomes impossible. (I’m going to make it easy for you!) Loving ourselves and being happy in our skin should not be a challenge–it should be a natural, expected way of life. 🙂

Years ago, I went on a special diet to lose body fat for a competition. When it was over, I started over-eating to make up for all the food I had denied myself… and I gained weight.

I was uncomfortable in my body. I did not like myself. I felt like a failure.

However, this was a deeper issue than just not being happy with the way I looked–I don’t think my physical appearance had much to do with it.

I dug deep to figure out what was going on with me, and I learned 9 valuable lessons that have kept me thin and healthy for years.

Don’t worry about what you ate yesterday, what you weighed last week or how long it’s been since you’ve exercised… Secrets of a Thin Woman will change your life.

This 15 page ebooklet is simple to follow without making major changes in your life. You will be surprised how easy it is, and you’ll be empowered to take control of your food and your life.

Although, Secrets of a Thin Woman, is not yet available on Amazon, it is available almost everywhere ebooks are sold… and it’s only 99¢

Keep me posted on your success!


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