Love, Romance and Relationships: Crazy Expectations


What do you bring to the table?

If you think you are very “nice” …and if only a man could see how “nice” you are, he would realize how lucky he is to be with somebody so “nice”.

Stop fooling yourself! 99% of people are basically nice… what else you got?

Are you successful in your career? Do you have a wonderful social circle? Are you healthy both emotionally and physically?

You have to be happy and healthy if you have high expectations for a potential mate.

If you’re not happy and healthy, then you should plan to settle on somebody who is more like you… somebody who doesn’t have a great job, or maybe doesn’t have a job at all, somebody who doesn’t get along with people very well, and somebody who doesn’t take care of himself physically or emotionally.

Get real and fix what you don’t like about yourself before you try to force your crazy expectations on somebody else.

I believe in you! I believe you deserve a great man! Just make sure you’re great too!

Stay fun,

Renee (from the Dumpster: One Woman’s Search for Love)


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