Oil Paint

I love art, and I love to paint. (See a few of my paintings below.) At this point in my life, art is an expensive hobby. Most of my work goes to family and friends, some paintings I create to hang on my walls, and I’ve even sold a few pieces. 🙂

I love the instant recognition that comes with art.

It takes a matter of seconds to know if somebody likes your paintings. With novels, you only know if the book starts to sell, and that could take years.

*As with all art, my paintings are better in person. 🙂

Salem-SOLD smSunnyIsles-SOLD (2) smLoveland (2) smAventura-SOLD smMiami-SOLD


18 thoughts on “Oil Paint

  1. I love to paint as well. And yes, it is expensive …the canvas alone is high, much less the oil paint. For me though it is more a time issue, and not having the space to set up like I would like. Your pictures are good! 🙂


  2. They’re beautiful! Gorgeous use of color and design. I feel the same way–I just started painting again with Acrylics and in a whole new style for me–like yours actually–and I’m getting such a kick out of it! Thanks for sharing! Actually, you may have given me my “P” letter for the A to Z challenge!!–Paint!


  3. I can see how that is possible. I am writing a book, and while I am unsure of whether or not it will be successful, it’s something I cannot worry over. I love writing poetry, like art, you know instantly if it resonates with someone or not; either they like it or they don’t. It doesn’t feel like such a burden to write poetry and there’s no pressure to get the words on the page, they just come. Beautiful paintings.


  4. Nice work. I use acrylics now for the most part, but I’m self-taught and have a fair sized portfolio of various mediums. Some are displayed on my present website: http://www.tom-benson.co.uk – but it’s a long time since I put any on my blog.
    I totally agree with regard to the instant appreciation, and it’s hard to hide your feelings.


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