Fighting Back BoxerStrong, brave, courageous women are not afraid of rejection or failure.


Taken from The Woman’s Handbook: Everything you want to say to your daughter, sister, niece, friend in one simple book.

The Woman's Handbook

I wrote this book for all the young women out there… when we don’t want to preach or lecture, this book says it all… 🙂

11 thoughts on “Strong

  1. Very true. Strong women/people usually fail so many times before they are this strong figure. It’s how you get up and tackle a failure that proves strength


  2. The leading man in my thriller ‘Beyond The Law’ is strong and no-nonsense, but his foil, the lead female character, Annabel Strong is attractive, and deadly, but with a heart too. I like my female characters to be feminine, but with an inner strength.


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