Manuscript Deadline


I am meeting with my editor on Friday (tomorrow), so I have been very busy… non-stop writing and editing! I have neglected my friends, family, housework, hygiene, etc.

I’m sorry. I’ll catch up with everybody on Monday. I’ve missed you!

I can’t wait to hand this book off and take a little break… Maybe I’ll have a Lifetime and Hallmark movie marathon! 🙂


I could start my next book…

6 thoughts on “Manuscript Deadline

  1. I finished my first book and didn’t think it would be so hectic, but apparently that’s the way it is. Nice to hear that’s the norm.


  2. I was finished one hour early, so I called my best friend who I had also been neglecting. Now I have a couple weeks before I’ll get the book back for round two. 🙂 I might start my next novel! 🙂


  3. Yup! 🙂 I’m not sure what my next book will be… I have so many ideas, but I need to write a fun, uplifting novel. I need some fun in my life! 🙂


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