A Woman Getting Older


Months ago, I was with friends from my childhood. We kept telling each other how we all looked the same, and in many ways we did, but we had also become adults, with grown children and aging parents.

When I told one friend she looked the same, she seemed surprised.


“The same but more… mature.” I said. I’m such an idiot. That’s not what I meant, but I didn’t know how to say what I meant in small talk, so it came out that she looked more mature. Why didn’t I just say she was more… beautiful?

“You mean I look old.” She laughed.

“No. No, that’s not what I meant.” Ugh!

So this is what I meant:

When I was younger, in my late twenties, I remember looking in the mirror and suddenly liking the way I looked. I had lost my childlike face and I started to look like a woman. I was pleased that I had “matured.”

Long story short, I thought my childhood friend looked the same only more beautiful. In fact, I think we all did! 🙂

We looked better, because we were better. Older, wiser, happier, better because we lived through the heartaches and loneliness. We lived through family and love. We lived through our goals and accomplishments. Good people getting better with age because of our experiences.


I recently had lunch with a friend and she said that at this point in her life, she is going to speak her mind. She is going to put herself first. She is going to be who she is and not apologize for it.

I cheered her on.


It was time to update my photo for my website, blog, Facebook, etc. So I had a friend snap a few photos and I picked a couple I liked. I’m now in the process of changing all my online profile pictures to this new one (above). It feels good to update and truthfully, I was starting to fear that if people saw me in public (at a book signing or an event) they wouldn’t recognize me. 🙂

9 thoughts on “A Woman Getting Older

  1. My mother once told me she wouldn’t ever dye her gray hair or get a facelift because she had earned every one one of those hairs and wrinkles (I’m sure she was referring to my bothers, and not to me!). Now that I’m in my 60s and my own kids are grown, I know exactly what she meant. I wear my gray hair and wrinkles proudly. If nothing else, I do get a lot of doors opened by really sweet young men who think I remind them of their grandmothers.


  2. Thank you for following my blog. I apologize it took me so long to respond. I was on vacation! I will see you soon. Best wishes in all your future endeavors. Blessings.


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