Can’t Multitask

multitaskMaybe because I didn’t have children, I didn’t learn how to multitask. Every parent I know, can do several things at once. For example, my sister can watch TV, listen to her son, acknowledge her husband and read a book all at the same time. My other sister can talk on the phone, breakup a dogfight, listen to her daughter, study for a test, paint the back porch, and make dinner all at the same time. These people blow my mind!

I, however, have to sit down with the TV off just to talk on the phone. If I even attempt to work on my computer, whoever is on the other end of the line always asks, “Are you busy. What are you doing?” Then I quickly step away from my computer to give them my full attention.

I would love to be a multitasker, but I’m not sure it’s in my genetic makeup. I can only do one thing at a time. Is it possible this is the deeper reason I didn’t have children? 🙂 Or do we quickly learn to multitask once our children are born?

I’m learning to accept that I will probably never be an efficient multitasker, but I have learned to enjoy the times I’m able to do more than one thing at a time. For example, in the morning after I shower, I take my dog for a walk… so you could say that I can blow dry my hair and walk my dog at the same time. 🙂

I’d love some hints on how to multitask! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Can’t Multitask

  1. I think mothers are a special case – I don’t believe in multitasking myself and am quite happy just to concentrate on trying to do (i.e., mess up) one thing at a time 🙂


  2. I’m not brilliant at multi-tasking, and I have children so I’m not sure what went wrong there! Your sisters’ sound like superheroes 🙂 If I try to do too many things at once I burn dinner, lose the phone, get my children mixed up and forget what I was saying half-way through a sentence, and that’s on a good day!


  3. I multi-task a lot, but I don’t know if it’s worth it. Yes, I’m getting more done, but I think the quality is compromised. I often watch TV and draw or go on twitter, but I find I miss a lot of the little details in the show this way. It also takes me longer to do my drawing or respond to tweets. Just a thought.


  4. I was a pretty decent multi-tasker before I had my kids but I’m pretty sure that I’ve been forced to “up my game”, especially since the second one was born.
    If you want to practice doing two things at once try watching a movie as you read the book that it’s based on. A really good one is “Pride and Prejudice” (the Colin Firth mini series) they pretty much made that movie by reading from the book so you can read the print as fast as the movie moves along!


  5. Thanks for the insight. Maybe if I just move a little faster doing one thing at a time, I’ll feel like I’m multitasking. 🙂


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