Back Home But Missing the German Shepherd

While I was away, I met and took care of the most amazing German Shepherd. He is from Germany, and he is a Schutzhund Level 1 trained dog.

Marek on rock





I spent about five days with him… and I fell in love!

My Pug dog is amazing too, but in an adorable clown-like sort of way.







Marek, the German Shepherd, understands German. So I had to quickly master the German commands: Plotz, Sits, Ouss, Bly’b, Fooss, Nine, He’er  — not correct spelling, but correct sound 🙂

I’ve never met such a well-trained dog… Calm in the house yet playful and ready to work when outside.





We have the opportunity to make Marek ours for life.

Our concerns:

*Will our 8-year-old Pug and the 2 1/2-year-old German Shepherd get along?

*We travel often, we love our freedom. Do we want to take on the responsibility of another, younger, much bigger dog?

We are taking everything into consideration and our next step is to have the two dogs meet. We tease that we’ll let the Pug decide. 🙂

So much to think about… I know we’ll make the right decision… what’s best for us but more importantly, what’s best for both dogs.

13 thoughts on “Back Home But Missing the German Shepherd

  1. Big commitment and a big dog, but our German Shepherd was a love. I’ll bet your pug will get along fine with him – ours and our little terrier established a friendship immediately and never went anywhere without the other. I think they liked having another canine in their lives. Good luck and do let us all know how things work out!


  2. Awe Becky, he is sooo sweet, I bet Shorty would like a buddy! I am sure you will make the right decision!

    Hope all is well and take care!



  3. Oh I loved this post on Marek and the cute pug. We too had a beautiful GSD who lived for 13 years and deeply loved by all four members of the family.

    Leo was handsome, well trained and lovable. He won many prizes at the KCI championships in India. ☺

    Thank you for reviving pleasant memories.


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