Weight Gain and My Yearly Physical

my weighin 10-13-14

I have a physical every year, and for the last four years my doctor has told me, “You’ve gained another pound. I want you to stop doing that.” Because I’m getting older, she would like me to maintain my weight. She said that as I age, the weight will be harder to get off, so it’s best to not gain anymore.

A couple of months before my physical this year, I knew I had gain a few pounds–All my clothes were tighter. What can I say, I had become a little less active and spent most of my time in front of my computer writing (I almost typed eating! LOL), so I hired a personal trainer. I figured I’d shape up before my appointment, so I could avoid the lecture about gaining another pound.

I loved working out with a strict trainer, I felt great, and I even started looking a little better.

In my doctor’s office, at weigh in, I wasn’t too nervous. I had taken my healthy lifestyle to the next level, and even if I had gained that extra yearly pound, I knew I’d lose it before long. So when she didn’t mention my weight… feeling confident, I bravely asked her. “How’s my weight this year? I know you don’t like me gaining that extra pound.”

“Well, let me take a look at your weight last year.” She checked the computer screen. “You’ve gained five pounds.”

“What?!” I started laughing. “Oh, dear! It’s happening.”

She asked, “Have you changed your diet? You still exercise, right?”

“My diet hasn’t changed, and yes I still exercise.” I answered, but I knew exactly what had happened. Too much time sitting at my computer over the last year.

And the truth is, I always watch what I eat, but sometimes I don’t feel like eating healthy. Sometimes I want to eat junk food or eat too much. I like having choices.

I love to workout but sometimes my workouts are a little hit and miss. Sometimes I don’t feel like working out, so I skip it once in a while. I love making these decisions.

I’m going to take off this five pounds over the next month or so for two reasons. I don’t want to buy new (bigger) pants–I like the clothes I have.

And, I want to stay healthy. 🙂


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9 thoughts on “Weight Gain and My Yearly Physical

  1. I think your story is very powerful because there are so many people that can relate to those “few unwanted pounds.” Thanks for sharing!!! If you ever need any help with recipes that are super yummy, but cleaner and healthier for you, I would love to share! Have a wonderful day!! 🙂


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