Pick Up After…

no littering

Today’s Challenge: Don’t litter, pick up after yourself and clean up after your pet.

On Saturday, my man and I had the dogs with us, so we decided to run through the McDonald’s drive-through. We parked in the McDonald’s lot to enjoy our Big Mac Meals. As we were finishing, a car parked next to us with two women inside. As I got out of my car to find the garbage can, I noticed the two women were throwing their trash out the window. The garbage can was probably only 20 steps from our cars. I couldn’t believe my eyes. But I did nothing. Well, I vented to my man a little… ok, a lot.

A few weeks ago, my man and I were in our car waiting at a two lane stop light. The guy in a BMW in front of us, got out of his car and walked to the car in front of him. He bent over and picked up a cigarette, still burning, that the driver of that car had tossed out the window. The BMW guy knocked on the window and started yelling at the smoker guy wanting to throw the cigarette back inside his car. The smoker guy quickly rolled up his window so the BMW guy couldn’t put the cigarette back in his car. The BMW guy was so angry that he put the still burning cigarette under the smoker guys windshield wiper, yelled a few more words than got back into his BMW before the light changed.  WOW! That was crazy!

When we walk the dogs around the neighborhood, we are very strict about picking up after our dogs. But we notice that many dog owners are not as responsible. Both my man and I have stepped in other people’s dog crap and we see kids playing in the grass knowing there is dog dung where they are playing. This is frustrating. Seriously, what is the big deal about cleaning up after your dog? I think when you sign up to be a dog owner, that is part of the deal.

I will probably never be like BMW guy, but I have to admit, I LOVE his passion. When I was venting to my man on Saturday, I told him littering was going to be my new passion, and I was going to be the next BMW guy about people littering or not picking up after their dogs. Then he told me that I will probably get my ass kicked…

Ok, so maybe I will not become the next BMW guy… maybe I’ll just blog about it and occasionally offer a dog owner a bag. 🙂

16 thoughts on “Pick Up After…

  1. You’ve just hit on one of my biggest pet peeves.

    I agree with your Man. I too am very hesitant about challenging blatant litterers. There are too many angry stupid people out there waiting for a reason to explode.


    • You are so right. I wish I had the guts of BMW guy… but maybe not so extreme. 🙂 Maybe we could come up with a nice way to confront people.
      The dog issue is easy for me when I’m out walking my dog, I just say, “Hey, you forgot your bag? I have an extra.” Then I move in quickly and hand it to them. They are kinda forced to pick up. 🙂

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  2. You have my backing! One of my pet peeves is that various groups sign up here in NC to pick up roadside trash and signs go up advertising this. Then no one picks up the trash. I had a neighbor whom I can only honor by talking about her good deeds: every time I saw her out walking, she carried a plastic bag for the trash she picked up along the way. I’m passing this on in the hopes others will follow! I am.


  3. I’d like to get a car horn that either oinks or screams out “Pig!” so that I can hit it any time someone in front of me throws a cigarette or other trash out their car window. The one thing stopping me from inventing it is that it might not be too advisable in city traffic where there are a lot of police cars around.


    • LOL! That’s funny. You wouldn’t want that horn getting into the wrong hands. 🙂 If my windows were down, I wouldn’t need a horn. I’m usually vocalizing my frustration, unfortunately I’m usually the only one who hears it. Yikes!


  4. I support your crusade to end litter! We live on a long country road that happens to by a handy way to get from North Carolina to South Carolina, so it has more traffic than you would expect…ablut 1/10 of a mile of our property is right next to the road, and every single day (without exception) there is new trash in our yard. The really frightening thing is how often that trash is beer cans or liquor bottles. :/ It is so very annoying to have to clean other people’s litter out of our yard every day…though it does give me a reason to have a little walk. 😉 If you want to start screaming at people like BMW Man, I’ll be happy to tag along with you and be your kick people in the shins if they get too fiesty with you. 😉


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