Know When It’s Time To…

Today’s Challenge: Know when it’s time to let go.

leaves holding on

On my walk with my pug I noticed this tree. All the leaves were gone except these two beautiful red-orange leaves still hanging on… It made me think about life and all the ways we hold on tight even when, especially when, it’s time to let go. We hold on to anger. We hold onto relationships that won’t work. We hold onto things in our homes, garages and closets that clutter up our lives. We hold on to beliefs about ourselves and others. We try to hold onto our youth and some dreams that need a little tweaking. We forget that it’s ok to let go. Nature has run it’s course and it’s time for the next season.

What are some of the other ways we hold on, when it’s probably time to let go?

What would you like to let go?

5 thoughts on “Know When It’s Time To…

  1. Becky, you could be Kenny Rogers: “Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.” What would I like to let go of? I think my fear of growing old – I willing let go of my youth, because I was learning so much about life, but aging is no damn fun!

  2. “Know when to walk away. Know when to run…” 🙂 I’m going to let go of the pressure I feel from work. Yikes! This could be good… 🙂

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