Stand Up for Yourself…


Today’s Challenge: Stand up for yourself.

About a week ago I posted “Face the Problem so…” about my struggles with a company(s) that was basically stealing from me. Well, today, I’m happy to report that we have settled, and all of my needs were met. The weight and stress of this has lifted off my shoulders and I feel a sense of freedom from this burden I carried for more than two years. It feels good to stand up for yourself and follow through to the end. It feels amazing to actually sleep through the night… I want to celebrate! 🙂

13 thoughts on “Stand Up for Yourself…

  1. Good for you, Becky! I am so happy everything was settled to your satisfaction and obvious relief. It takes guts to stand up for yourself sometimes, and it shows real maturity. Too bad some of us don’t learn this until it’s almost too late! (fyi, not me – I’m one of those out there types!)


  2. EXCELLENT Becky! I’m a new visitor! Now a Fan! Sometime when we live life in Recovery, we need to relearn to stand up for ourselves again. Because of bad habits and behaviors we may have picked up while in the worst of our addictions, we need to fix those character defects, and learn WE ARE More Than, Not Less Then!

    Happy Holidays & Blessings,
    Author, Catherine Lyon 🙂


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