#Love Your Pets and…

shorty in bed

Today’s Challenge: If you have pets, love them a little more than you normally do.

My best friend, who never leaves me lonely, has run into some health issues. We are taking her to the vet today and I should have a better idea what we’re up against.

So do me a favor and hug your little babies a little tighter today and show them how much you love them… ❤

18 thoughts on “#Love Your Pets and…

  1. Virtual hugs, Becky. My little doggie companion slipped a disc two weeks ago and the vet told us that if she didn’t recover on her own, there could be no surgery because of her age (14). She, like your furry friend, goes with me anywhere. We were lucky, she’s fine now, and I am sending prayers that your small friend will be too. Think positively!


  2. I wish your doggie the best. I have a senior cat with kidney issues and I give him a little more love and care. I’m his nurse, so to speak, but mommy first. I’m also a pet sitter, so I care for many other’s fur babies. I love them. Take care!


  3. We’ve been hugging our pups a little tighter since September. She was struggling with what we thought was arthritis all summer, and after school started we found out it was bone cancer. There have been a few moments when we think she’s about ready to give up, and then she rebounds and (aside from the limping) you wouldn’t even know she was sick. She’s an old girl, so we’ve been spoiling her like mad.

    No matter what the diagnosis, you’ll get through it together. Just give them loves and let them lead the way.


    • We just found 2 more cancer tumors–I should know more right after Christmas. I will stay strong for my sweet baby. ❤ Thanks for the great advice and good luck with your baby.


  4. Awww. I just had three kittens re-homed today. I love them dearly but I can’t accommodate too much cats at home. I know their new family will be happy to have them for Christmas, still it’s bitter-sweet.

    Hope your baby recovers soon.


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