Keep #Balance in Your Life, Here’s How…


Today’s Challenge: Keep balance in your life.

Divide your life into thirds:

1/3 of your life should revolve around your passion, purpose and career. When you do what you love, it isn’t work.

1/3 of your life should revolve around your social life with family, friends and your significant other.

1/3 of your life should revolve around time with yourself, doing what you love, what fills you up and recharges your batteries.

* If you don’t know your purpose, find it. If you don’t know what fills you up, discover it. Try some new activities. Be bold. Nobody can do it for you–tap into your heart and listen.

Balance is important because if one part of your life is lost or in turmoil, the other parts will still be in order and carry you through the hard times.


This is tip number 5 of 8 from my eBooklet 2 Days to Healthy Self-Esteem


6 thoughts on “Keep #Balance in Your Life, Here’s How…

  1. I like this – used to say I was keep three balls in the air, but in truth at any one time it was only one. Just made sure I threw the others up for equal time.

  2. One of the mistakes I think people make is that they expect to achieve this balance in their lives every day. In reality, one aspect of our life may need to dominant a day, or a week, or a month. The key is to find overall balance.

    Great message. The final third is so often overlooked.

  3. Good Point! Right now with Shorty not feeling well, seems all my eggs are in her basket right now. And I’m OK with that… 🙂

  4. You are so right. My life revolves around Shorty right now–she needs my extra attention. Everything else can wait. And luckily I’ve been in balance long enough that my world doesn’t fall apart when I need to neglect certain parts of my life. 🙂

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