Make a List of the Reasons Why You’re #Grateful


Today’s Challenge: Make a list of the reasons why you’re grateful.

Oh… And have a great weekend! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Make a List of the Reasons Why You’re #Grateful

  1. always a good idea. When we used to grouse about something as kids, my dad would always say “I felt sorry I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet” which invariably annoyed us but shut us up.


  2. I love that saying! In fact, I used it in one of my novels… this actually happened to me, I was walking on a bike path feeling sorry for myself because I was out of shape…

    From The Dumpster:

    The next morning, Nicole slipped into her tennis shoes just as Rick knocked on the door. Nicole was quiet on their fast-paced walk, and at times had to jog a little to keep up with Rick. He was in such great shape, and she was jiggling where she knew she shouldn’t be jiggling. She was thankful Rick was beside her and not behind her watching the shifting waves throughout her body. She wondered if the other women walking and jogging on that path had problems with cellulite, too. Fretting inwardly about her shortcomings, she watched a man zoom past them riding a skateboard. He was wearing large gloves, the size of boxing gloves, to push himself along the path because he had no legs.
    In that moment, Nicole’s negativity about her body changed. She looked up at the sky and thought, Okay, I get it. She thought about that saying, I felt bad I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet. She had to quit feeling sorry for herself. If she didn’t like being overweight, she had to change it. If she didn’t want to change it, she needed to shut up about it and quit whining. The man on the skateboard wasn’t whining.


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