Get Ready for #Spring!


Today’s Challenge: Get ready for spring! 🙂

For me this means spring cleaning and yard work. I’m more excited for the yard work–I’m ready to get outside.

Yesterday, I started pulling some weeds in my rock garden and rearranging a few stepping-stones. I even moved my outdoor furniture from the garage to my patio, even though we’ll probably get at least one more snowstorm–I couldn’t resist. If it snows, I’ll bring the cushions inside. 🙂

Being outside was wonderful. My pug and I enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine as I made plans for my rock garden and yard. I think we’ll do more of the same today and this weekend.

Have a great weekend! 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Get Ready for #Spring!

  1. Ahah! I followed tour advice yesterday and bought a planter full of yellow and orange pansies. Of course today is cold and raw, but they are really hardly flowers, so I will enjoy them for quite a while,


  2. While you prepare for spring over there, we are getting set for what we call rainy season here, umbrella, boots, shower caps and such. Different strokes…


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