#JUMP! Sometimes We Just Have to JUMP!


Today’s Challenge: JUMP! Sometimes we just have to JUMP!

Timing isn’t always ideal. Our ducks aren’t always perfectly aligned. And for me, I could edit my manuscript forever. But sometimes we just have to take that leap of faith and take our opportunities when they are presented. When we JUMP out of our comfort zone, we are taking incredible risks that not only fill us with feelings of accomplishment but also boost our self-esteem. Taking chances is what living is all about! So get out there and JUMP for something you want! 🙂

10 thoughts on “#JUMP! Sometimes We Just Have to JUMP!

  1. I went to a seminar many years ago – one of those where you learn to buy houses for no money down. The guy was famous for his technique – but when we got to the seminar, he talked about taking a chance – and that sometimes if you have prepared you have to trust and take the leap even though you can’t see the landing. It was heartfelt and I have remembered it for many many years.

    In fact a few years later I had the chance to become a consultant paid only a percent of my billable hours and I took the leap. It changed everything.

    So yes, we prepare and then when the time is right we need to trust our training.

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